50 minutes session fee is:

  • 1 300 CZK for regular individual weekly sessions,
  • 1 100 CZK for a regular individual session more often than weekly
  • 1 500 CZK for one time or irregular individual session, 
  • 1 700 CZK for couple counseling.

The price can be discussed, depending on your financial situation.

Payments are accepted via cards, bank transfers, or the Revolut app.

Canceling policy: if you need to cancel or rebook a session, I need to be informed at least two days before the day of the session, otherwise full fee is payable.

The exception from regular frequency is Christmas and summer holidays.

If you do not arrive at the agreed time, I will contact you after 15 minutes. If I do not get any message, I remain in the room until the end of the planned session.

I do not pick up the phone during the sessions and I suggest you do not use your phone.

All information I collect about you is considered strictly confidential.

In case I would like to publish any information about the course of therapy in professional journals or a book, I will do so only with your written informed consent. This also applies to an indefinite time after the cessation of therapy.

To improve the quality of my work, my work is regularly supervised. I reserve the right to discuss the course of therapy in the supervision. In these cases, you remain anonymous.

I adjust the price for therapy once a year according to current year-on-year inflation.

In my work, I am bound by the code of ethics and professional practice of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy.